Travertine is known for its warm, rustic earthy appeal. For that reason, a large number of people use this natural stone to deck up their poolside, garden, yard, landscape, and in bathroom.

But you will be surprised to learn that travertine stone tiles and slabs can be used in just any area of your home. However you will need to choose the right surface finish and ensure the right care for your stone tiles, then.

This blog offers a proof that travertine stone tiles can be used throughout your home –

Bathroom Floor –

There are open and wide pores on travertine stone tiles. That’s the natural property of this natural stone. So, you may believe that it would be bad idea to use travertine for creating flooring in your bathroom.

But just look at the bathroom floor above, which has travertine mosaic and basketweave pattern tiles.

Accent Wall in Living –

You can create an accent wall or turn an existing wall into the center of your living room design using our Tuscany Ivory Interlocking Honed Travertine stone tiles.

It will help you achieve stacked wall design in your living room, which will bring a feel that you are living close to nature. Combine it with matching furniture and cabinets to get the same look in your living room.

Durable Entryway Flooring –

Flooring in kitchen, entryway, laundry room, mud room, and the room that opens directly in the backyard can be created with our Silver Travertine stone tiles.

This stone can withstand the heavy traffic your flooring receives on a regular basis.

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