There are trendy tiles introduced in the market, named Pattern Palooza. These tiles are used mainly to get an eye-popping design. There are many trendy patterns like the herringbones, geometrics, arabesques and encaustics available. These tiles are versatile and look like a dream project when used on flooring, backsplashes, walls and terraces. 

Get Some Creative Designs on The Tiles

The manufacturers have a creative design team for getting the motivating designs and patterns on the tiles. These new creations have created a new wave in the market. These tiles are used for renovation and for new buildings. There are many trend spotter tiles to brighten the flooring and walls. They can be used for interiors and exteriors. Here are some of the best ones for your choice:

Encaustic Tiles have become popular these days. It matches with the trendy obsessions of this century. Though the design is at least a century old and is basically from countries like Turkey, France and Spain, they match the present décor. There are many patterns like mod geometrics, stylized flowers and other designs normally liked by everyone. There are many types of tiles increasing the encaustic fever. These new additions of Encaustic tiles are really enchanting.


Trendy Tiles for Interiors and Exteriors

New tiles like Zoudia, Tamensa, Azila and Kasbah are from the Kenzzi collection. They are used for patio floors, backsplashes and wherever space permits. Designers introduce this tile to give a dream look to the project. There is not much maintenance and thus the homeowners like it.

Bianco dolomite Dotty for the wall and Bianco Dolomite Geometrica for the flooring has geometric patterns playing around. Geometric tiles are common but with a modern look, these tiles are elegant. They are made of natural stone and thus prove to be eco-friendly for interiors.

These tiles are worthy than the wallpaper as it can tolerate moisture in the laundry rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and foyers. There are many patterns like the hexagons, diamond, retro fretwork and 3D designs on the tiles. These designs remind the forties where there were urban lofts, bungalows and other commercial spaces giving catchy results.

Gray Glossy Herringbone Porcelain tiles give a classy look. Though this is a classic design it can be matched with the contemporary décor. If the homeowners are in the verge of upgrading the laundry room or the backsplashes then consider these tiles. Whisper White and Portico Pearl from the High land Park Collection are definitely having all modern colors with the trendsetting shape.

Tamensa Porcelain of Kenzzi collection has those lively designs that it is eye catching. Designers or homeowners surely like these tiles for its durability and easy maintenance.

Azhila Porcelain is good for the terrace. With some furniture and water background would envy the guests. Optima cream and graphite porcelain can be matched to give a sophisticated look.

For laundry room Kenzzi Brina would be good. These tiles would improve the property value. These lively patterns add color to the life.