Atlantic Blue 3 cm French Pattern Pavers are a new addition to our paving tile and pavement collection. Featuring exotic deep blue colors, this natural stone makes an ideal choice for patios and other outdoor floor projects. You can use the stone for your poolside area including your pool deck.

This Is A Premium Marble Product!

If you do not want to compromise on quality, this is the material to go with. This premium marble stone tile comes pre-assembled in French pavement pattern.

You can use them for pavement in your landscape too. Its tumbled finish makes it a great selection for outdoor floors and wet areas like pool side and bathroom.

Its interlocking design not only eases the installation process but also allows for achieving the famous French pavement style on your patio flooring.

Available in gray and blue, this marble stone variety is quite rare. It will help you create a unique style for your flooring. You might not see marble of same color and texture installed somewhere else.

Durable and solid like a rock, our Atlantic Blue paver pattern tile heightens the awesomeness of any indoor and outdoor flooring project.

Availability –

The cost of Atlantic Blue 3 cm French Pattern Paver stones is $8 per sq. ft. However, you can get it for $6.76 if you order over 1120 sq.ft of stone tiles.

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