Arabescato carrara marble is a variety of marble stone, that represents an artistic, exquisite blending of soft white background with light to dark grey veining. With its unique patterning, this stone offers homeowners plenty of indoor and outdoor design opportunities.

In this article, we highlight some of the best and most unique features of arabescato carrara marble.


The look is the most attractive part of this luxury flooring stone. For the commoners and those who are in the industry, arabescato marble is simply the white marble. However, it is not the only white marble available to you in the market.

Some of the popular white-cream textured marble are: White Oak, Crema Marfil, Crema Cappuccino, Calacatta Gold, and others. For people with no industry link, differentiating which is which is quite confusing, at times.

Arabescato carrara with its peerless grey veining on white background creates classic, breathtaking environments for indoor and outdoor applications.

Application Suitability

Just like other types of marble, arabescato carrara is also a delicate stone with innumerable tiny pores over its surface. And that’s why it is important to ensure what you are buying is suitable for your application.

Those tiny pores might be a problem in some conditions. However, with right type of surface finish, you can zero the effects and side effects of these pores  For example, unprocessed stones or the stones with no surface finish can be problem in bathroom and kitchen, as in these two regions, there are splashes of water, soap and food items, which can leave permanent stains on the stone surface.

For outdoor applications as well, you will need to choose the right type of surface finish. It is advisable that you should discuss your requirement and project type before finalizing a surface finish type.

Design Possibility

Use it in any room that you want to fill with elegance and freshness. It also makes a great selection for rooms that are located in deep corners looking for some lightness and brightness in your home. Rooms with arabescato carrara marble flooring and walls easily become the most favorite space of your house.

Arabescato carrara marble is available in a wide range of shapes such square, rectangle, mosaic, herringbone, hexagon, octagon, etc. allowing you design and redesign your space the way you want. Visit the Inspiration gallery on your website to find out some of the awesome and elegant design ideas for your project.


Natural stones have been processed or cut from rocks, so they are naturally rock-solid and durable. Even after being cut in smaller tiles, the arabescato carrara tiles are hardwearing and durable.

Adequate installation is the key to prolong the durability of your arabescato carrara stone floors and walls. In addition to that, you will also need to ensure the right care to maintain the natural characteristics of carrara stone.

So, these are some of most common yet unique features of arabescato carrara marble. If you want to know anything else about this stone, drop a line in the comments section. We shall be reply to your comments at earliest possible.

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