has a new entry in its porcelain and porcelain paver collection. Our Calacatta Gold Porcelain Paver tile features subtle grey veining on the classic and famous background of Calacatta Gold marble. The pavers have been designed to have the look and feel of this widely popular natural stone.

But there’s more to it.

Calacatta Gold Porcelain Pavers not just imitate look of Calacatta Gold Marble stone, they also fit perfectly well into the space where want to use their original stone.

From indoor to outdoor, from living room to pool deck, these porcelain tiles make an ideal choice. Moreover, these pavers offer additional benefits such as –

High Level of Water Proofing –

Calacatta Gold marble is not water resistant in its unprocessed form. But, these Calacatta Gold Marble stone look porcelain tiles are very much water resistant and waterproof.

You can use them in bathroom and kitchen. You can also use them for pool side and create a gorgeous looking pool deck.

Durability –

Since these porcelain pavers are non-porous, there are zero chances dust, dirt, debris and fluids will create mess on this surface. That also means, there are lower chances of damages and higher chances of stability with these stone look tiles.

Availability and Price –

These stone effect porcelain pavers are available in standard 24 inches X 24 inches size, and allow for large format tiling at a lower tiling cost.

To be specific, the cost of our Calacatta Gold Porcelain Paver tiles estimates around $6.96 per sq. ft.

Looking to buy Calacatta Gold 24 X 24 Porcelain Pavers for your pool side, outdoors, or indoors? Buy it today from, one of the leading stone and tile suppliers in US.