After the installation of bardiglio scuro marble on floors and walls of your home, the tile placer will apply some kind of sealant to protect the natural characteristics of the stone as well as to enhance the appeal of the room.

However, with use and abuse over a period of time, the sealant washes away and that’s when you call on the maintenance guys to layer up fresh sealant on your bardiglio scuro marble stone tiles. Technically, you have to apply a fresh coating every year to maintain the look and durability of your marble stone.

What Is Bardiglio Scuro Marble?

It is a fine marble with dark gray texture and white and light color veins running across the stone tile. It is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor floors and walls.

If you know how to apply sealant, you are going to save a few hundred dollars every year for this routine.

This blog offers some of best practices that you should follow while attempting to re-sealing your bardiglio scuro marble stone tiles –

  • Buy only that sealant that is suitable for the surface finish of your marble stone.
  • Clean the tiled surface thoroughly to prepare it for resealing. You should use a pH neutral cleanser for this routine.
  • Allow the floor to dry completely before apply sealant.
  • Check the sensitivity of your bardiglio scuro marble against the sealant you have purchased. For this, apply the sealant over a small area of your tiled surface and see if the stone loses its color or gets an increased shine. If it affects the color of the stone, you should get another brand or variety of sealant.
  • Apply sealant over each tile one by one. Use a soft foam or cotton cloth piece for applying and rubbing the sealant over the stone surface.
  • Seal the grout lines as well.
  • Read the instructions given on the sealant packaging.

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