Artificial Turf

Evergrass™ Artificial Turf offers an attractive, authentic-looking lawn that stays beautiful year-round for play or relaxation. The unique, wavy blade shape allows light to pass through numerous directions for a realistic look. Evergrass™ features four artificial grass styles that provide an eco-friendly and green alternative to natural lawns. Dial up the curb appeal with Evergrass™ Artificial Turf. Always green and low-maintenance, Evergrass™ Artificial Turf is an ideal choice for busy families who want a lush, kid and pet friendly lawn without all the upkeep or harsh chemicals. Design the perfect outdoor living space with Arterra® Porcelain Pavers and Evergrass™ Artificial Turf. Both durable, low maintenance and perfect for any size space, our pavers and turf can create a wide variety of patterns for patios, courtyards and gardens as well as driveways.
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